Facebook is a great social media platform and a useful tool for most businesses. But, to increase your transactions you must stop trying to sell on Facebook and instead focus on customer relationships.
It’s a great marketing tool for business, but if you want to increase transactions and customer loyalty you must stop trying to sell on Facebook & other similar platforms!

I know, you’re excited about your business and the services or products you offer. You are passionate and want to share it with everyone. But, if you want to attract more customers, and stay relevant to the ones you have, stop trying to sell on Facebook!

Your Facebook Page is Not About You, Your Business, or Your Sales.

I get it, Facebook offers access to huge pools of prospective customers and allows you to specifically target demographics, so of course, you want to share information about your products! It only makes sense.

And, you need to make sales to keep the lights on and money flowing. Sales, ultimately, are one of the deciding factors of whether your business will survive. 

But, that’s not why your prospects are on Facebook. Your products are not what will get them to “Like, Click, or Share,” your posts. More likely, regular “buy now” posts trying to sell to them will drive your prospects away… and that means fewer sales. 

It feels wrong, I know, but hear me out. The trick to using Facebook to sell your services is to stop trying so hard to sell on Facebook.

Mission Facebook: Build Customer Relationships to Increase Sales

On Facebook, your primary objective shouldn’t be getting transactions. Your challenge is to build relationships.

If you want to get the most out of the social media platform, and without paying a lot of money on ads (which may not convert), you must use the system as it was designed. To maximize your Facebook reach, you must make posts that will engage your prospects. What will motivate your ideal customer to, “Like,” “Share” or “Comment?” 

Use a subject-related meme to make them laugh. Give them a reason to think about something a new way. Consider sharing something they can apply to their own lives. 

Discuss ideas on how your products or services can be used to improve their lives or other topic-related content.

Make your social media platform about them and their needs, not yours. Show them the ways you can help them get what they want.

From Relationships to Free Advertising

Then, as you develop a following and have cultivated those likes, comments, and shares, Facebook’s algorithms will automatically boost your reach to not just your existing fans, but also others in their network. 

The cost to you? The time spent investing in those relationships. 

The return on investment (RoI)? Stronger relationships and community ties, along with free advertising of your brand through the use of your fans’ likes, comments, and shares!

How to Sell on Facebook

Once you have that platform and the credibility of those interactions on your Facebook page, then you can start adding in some sales posts about your products. But, keep your focus on the relationships you’re building, the value you are providing, and limit the sales posts down to about 20% of your feed, 30% maximum. 

By keeping your sales posts to a minimum, your fans will trust and interact with you more. They’ll feel valued and like your relationship is about more than dollar signs. This will increase their loyalty, making them more invested in those sale posts you start sprinkling in.

Is your current Facebook strategy working for you? Is it value-rich and client-focused so you can build loyal customer relationships? Or, is it focused on you and getting the next sale? Let us know in the comments!

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