Person leaping from the safety of 2019 into the new frontier of 2020. Make the leap into 2020 by creating actionable marketing plans to help your business meet the goals you set. A goal or resolution without an actionable plan is just a pipe dream. Media Sundries is here to help you make those dreams a reality!
Make the leap into 2020 by creating actionable marketing plans to help your business meet the goals you set. A goal or resolution without an actionable plan is just a pipe dream. Media Sundries is here to help you make those dreams a reality!

It’s that time of year when many people start thinking of setting goals for the upcoming year. Are you setting resolutions for your business? What kind of goals or milestones would you want to achieve? To increase your chances of success, we recommend taking any business goals related to business growth and breaking them down into actionable marketing plans.

Because, after all, a goal or resolution without a plan is just a pipe dream.  

Goal 1: Take Action to Help Customers Find (and Choose) You with Your Marketing!

Do your ideal customers know about you? Is your business memorable? Do they have a solid reason to choose you over your competitors? If not, this may be a worthy 2020 goal for your business. 

We recommend starting with writing down your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What sets your service apart from others in your market? What is that extra special value you provide that will be meaningful to your customers? Once you can identify this, you can ensure everything in your marketing communicates that message so you attract the customers who will appreciate it!

Make sure it is on your website, in your written materials, on your social media. You’re not just any business, you’re the right business for them. This simple action step can do wonders for your marketing success!

Resolution 2: Make an Actionable Plan to Attract More Customers!

Unless you have more people coming in than you can handle and you are turning people away, you probably want to attract more customers to your business so you can grow. But, attracting the right prospects is the key to success! 

Do you have a clear idea of who, or what represents your ideal customer demographics?  This information is critical to marketing success! Only when you know who your ideal customers are can you specifically craft and target your marketing efforts to their profiles.

Where are they hanging out? How do they want to interact? What are their priorities? Where can you put strategic marketing placement so they will see it? How does it need to be presented so they’ll be attracted to it? What will speak to their priorities so they will follow-up?

If you already know all these answers, great! You’re already on track to developing a targeted, actionable marketing plan to help you reach your goals. Now you need to do some A/B testing to see what works, on the mediums you choose, to get the results you want for your business.

Resolution 3: Actively Increase Customer Loyalty through Your Marketing

How loyal are your customers? Do they come to you the next time they need similar services, or do they forget your name afterward? Do they share your content with others and become “brand warriors?” 

One of the easiest ways to foster loyalty from customers is to continue to give value, for free, between transactions in ways that keep you in their minds! How do you want to accomplish that in this upcoming year? What’s a realistic expectation for your time and staffing? 

You can give seminars or workshops. Those take time to develop and will require advertising. Or, you can focus on providing on-going valuable content through e-mails, newsletters, social media, etc. that position you as an authority while not requiring the same kind of hands-on time commitment. That’s more easily outsourced if you need your time to be devoted to higher-priority tasks. It’s up to you!

Once you know how you want to give more free value, it is easier to create an actionable marking plan on how to implement it. Write it down! Figure out what steps you need to take to follow-through. Whether you need to learn new skills or hire professionals, you don’t want to waste money or time by jumping in blind!

Resolution 4: Create an Actionable Marketing Plan

Do you already have all the training, systems and staff in place to reach your 2020 goals? Do you know what marketing methods you want to use to reach them?

Direct mailings, social media, website content… you really do have endless possibilities, both online and offline! What will have the biggest impact on your efforts to reach your ideal customers and how do you plan to test those methods this year? 

Whatever goals you set for your business in 2020, we want to give you the tools to reach them (even if you don’t hire us). Share your goals, questions or comments with us so we can provide the best value to you through our blog! 

If you know you want help from trained marketing professionals to reach your 2020 business goals, you can contact us for your free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation! 

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