"Facebook" spelled out with Scrabble tiles. There's a strategy in getting as much free reach and value as possible out of your Facebook Marketing. Today we're looking at 5 of the easiest free ways you can increase your reach.
There’s a strategy in getting as much free reach and value as possible out of your Facebook Marketing. Today we’re looking at 5 of the easiest free ways you can increase your reach.

Social media, and Facebook marketing in particular, continues to be a powerhouse for small, local, and big businesses. Those trends don’t look to be winding down any time soon. But, for businesses trying to make every dollar stretch, exploiting the Facebook algorithm to their advantage while using solid strategy can be the best way to grow their online following and develop community. 

So, to help you get the most reach out of your marketing budget, we’ve collected five of the easiest (and best) ways to get the most out of your Facebook marketing strategy before spending a penny on paid ads.

Stop Selling in Your Facebook Marketing

Social media platforms are designed, primarily, for socializing and connecting with people. When you log on to your personal Facebook profile, do you like it when businesses try to force-feed sales posts to you? Do you engage more or unfollow the page? 

Just like you, your customers don’t like to be treated like a bank account! They want to feel valued for more than what’s in their wallets. And, you want them to feel a sense of loyalty and emotional investment in what your business offers to them.

Use your Facebook posts to develop relationships. Give free value to build your brand. Think about what your ideal customer likes, wants, and will care about that still fits in your niche. 

Limit your sales posts to a maximum of 20-30% of your feed and you’ll hit the sweet spot for saturation. 

Focus Your Marketing on Increasing Positive Engagement

We’ve all heard controversy can be a good marketing strategy, and sometimes that’s true. But, right now that’s not usually to your benefit on Facebook’s platform. Facebook is boosting visibility for posts their users are likely to respond to in a positive way. 

This means articles or posts which will make customers angry, even if not directly at you, can harm your visibility unless you manage to go viral. 

As much as possible, you want to prompt positive “likes,” “loves,” “ha-has,” “wows,” and “shares.”

Post on Facebook Every Weekday (or Every Day)!

Since Facebook’s current 2020 algorithm is rewarding frequent posters, you can use this to increase your business’ visibility (but remember to limit those sales posts). 

If your page has less than 10,000 fans, the data from HubSpot says you’ll be best served by limiting your posts to no more than once per day. More than that, and you’re likely to see up to a 50% reduction of engagement on your posts. That doesn’t help your visibility! 

Use Facebook Page Stats to Schedule Your Posts

You get some great free features with your Facebook page. Using them to your advantage just makes sense!

Under “Insights” you can learn when most of your fans are online, both for weekly and daily averages. This gives you the power to schedule your posts for maximum visibility and reach to your existing fans without spending a penny to promote your posts!

Vary Your Post Types on Facebook

People’s preferences vary. Some people like text-only posts, others like video. Images and memes are almost always popular, though there are accessibility concerns. Links can also get good engagement. 

In general, video posts perform well but unless you’re including closed captions, they’re not accessible to all your fans. Links that lead users away from Facebook get reduced visibility. This is because Facebook’s priority is keeping people on their platform. Text posts generally get engagement, but fewer clicks than images. 

The important thing is to plan for balance in how often you post any given kind of content so you hit all the kinds of engagement you can get. 

Now Revamp Your Facebook Marketing in 2020!

With these five tips, you can supercharge your Facebook marketing for free! You’ll be on the fast-track to developing stronger relationships with your customers and increasing engagement so your sales posts will get seen (and not blocked). 

What’s your favorite Facebook marketing strategy? Is there one you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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