Should a Business Blog be Part of Your Marketing?

Many business owners question whether or not a business blog would have any value to their marketing efforts. That’s a completely fair question to ask! Let’s look at five reasons your business should start one.  1. Blogging Provides Free Value to Prospects Blogging provides you a unique opportunity to give extra value to both prospects […]

Photo of barren tree with crows in front of moon on dark sky. Digital marketing lessons from a haunted house attraction.

Digital Marketing Made Frighteningly Easy

When I got the hare-brained idea to launch a haunted attraction in 2013, I was lucky that I had some experience going in. Not just experience with being a part of a haunted house, but with other kinds of events as well. By that point, I had already been doing digital marketing and running programs […]

Why You Need Current SEO Writing Now

“If you build it, they (he) will come.” Field of Dreams, 1989 It’s a great line from a good movie. But, as you’ve probably realized, that’s not a reliable or scalable business marketing strategy. According to SEO Tribunal, a whopping 46% of Google searches are linked to something local. But, that means nothing if you don’t […]

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